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Princess Ida or Castle Adamant Costume Rentals

A comic opera
William S. Gilbert, lyrics - Arthur Sullivan music


a narrative poem by Alfred Tennyson called The Princess (1847), and satirizes feminism, Darwinian evolution and womens' education

Tracy Notes About This Show

There is a splendid knights' strip number in this show, for which we offer the ARMOR parts. Who said costuming was a serious business?

Plot Synopsis

King Hildebrand awaits the arrival of King Gama and his daughter Ida to whom Hilarion, Hildebrand's son was betrothed in infancy. Gama arrived with his three sons but without Ida, explaining that she has founded a women's university at Castle Adamant. There she rules over 100 other female seekers of knowledge, all of whom have renounced men. Hildebrand, enraged at this news, imprisons Gama and his sons. Hilarion and his companions enter the castle disguised as women students. They are eventually discovered to be imposters. Even though Hilarion rescues Ida when she falls into a stream, she has the men arrested, much to the consternation of some of the other women. Hildebrand arrives with his soldiers amd threatens to kill Ida's brothers if she doesn't marry Hilarion. Ida refuses to yield. As she prepares for battle against Hildebrand's army, she finds that her female followers have an aversion to battle. She attempts to carry on alone, but finally her father persuades her to yield.