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Desert Song Costume Rentals

romantic operetta set in 1925 in North Africa
Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II, book - Oscar Hammerstien II, music
events such as the Riff uprising in French Morocco, the accomplishments of Lawrence of Arabia, and several Rudolph Valentino Shiek films

Plot Synopsis

The tale, with all the romance of the Foreign Legion, is of a mysterious man known as the Red Shadow, who is the terror of the French in North Africa and the hope of the Riffs. In reality he is the handsome son of the French Governor of Morocco, who is mistaken for a weakling and a coward by his father and the girl he loves. The girl, Margot, longs for adventure, and regards him with a mixture of kindliness and scorn. As the Red Shadow is in one of his successful campaigns against his own people, he crosses the path of Margot and is promptly struck across the face with her whip. He carries her off to his camp in the desert. Margot falls victim to the lure and romance of the mysterious rebel chieftain without knowing his identity. When exposure follows, true love is finally rewarded. (Samuel French)