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Lil' Abner Costume Rentals

A book musical set in the 1950's in Dogpatch, USA
Norman Panama and Melvin Frank, book - Johnny Mercer, lyrics


characters created by Al Capp in his comic strip of the same name

Tracy Notes About This Show

in keeping with the comic book nature of the show. many of our costumes are "cartooned" to look more like his drawings.

Plot Synopsis

This musical fantasy is set in a rural Southern community known as Dogpatch, USA and concerns the people and the events surrounding the big local man-chasing race that takes place yearly on Sadie Hawkins' Day. Daisy Mae is constantly trying to get dimwitted Abner Yokum to marry her and sets her sights on him for this particular day. The citizens learn that Dogpatch has been considered a most unnecessary spot by the government and has been chosen for the relocation of America's atom bomb tests. Mammy Yokum gives one of the government men a swig of Yokumberry tonic made from the Yokumberry bush which sets off a series of events whereby Dogpatch will be spared while the tonic is being evaluated. Abner donates the tonic to the government, but one of Washington's other major powers, General Bullmoose, plots with Dogpatch's notorious Evil Eye Fleagle to steal the formula. The day of the race, Fleagle's whammy permits Bullmoose's sultry secretary, Appassionata Von Climax, to catch L'il Anber... but he declares his love for Daisy Mae. Earthquake McGoon claims Daisy Mae for his own but when he learns that her relatives plan to move in with them he decides to abdicate in favor of Abner.