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Iolanthe Costume Rentals

A comic opera set in an Arcadian landscape and the palace Yard, Westminster
W. S. Gilbert, libretto - Arthur Sullivan, music


satirization of the politics of the day " the House of Lords is lampooned as a bastion of the ineffective, privileged and dim-witted. The political party system and other institutions also come in for a dose of satire" (Wiki)

Tracy Notes About This Show

With our rich history of involvement with the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, we provide all the needed costumes with wings, coronets, and other accoutrements. We do offer for rental sets of PEER CORONETS and ATTACHABLE WINGS, and FAIRY WINGS, as separate props if you don't need the costumes that go with them.

Plot Synopsis

Iolanthe is a fairy of the Arcadian forest, guilty of the most serious crime of marrying a mortal man. She, on the command of the queen of the Fairies, has left her husband without explanation, but this temporary union nevertheless has resulted in the birth of Strephon, a shepherd who is mortal from the waist down and a fairy from the waist up. Strephon's love for Phyllis, a ward of Chancery, has enraged the entire House of Lords, all of whom wish to marry her themselves. Iolanthe and the fairies do their best to assist Strephon in his romantic pursuits, while the Peers do their best to thwart them. When the Lord Chancellor insults the Queen of the Fairies through a comical misunderstanding, the Queen summons her magical powers and plans revenge; an all-out confrontation occurs between the fairy forces and the Peers of Parliament, with hilarious results.