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Into the Woods Costume Rentals

an ensemble musical fable with comic and tragic overtones set in fairy tale time in the woods and the dwellings of Cinderella with her Stepmother and step sisters; the Baker and his wife; and Jack and his mother
James Lapine, boo - Stephen Sondheim, music, lyrics


Inspired by Bruno Bettelheim's 1976 book, The Uses of Enchantment, the musical intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm fairy tales and follows them further to explore the consequences of the characters' wishes and quests.

Tracy Notes About This Show

We provide the several prop-characters such as a SELF-PROPELLED HEN who lays a golden egg, the prop HARP, the COW THAT EATS OBJECTS, a set of components as RAPUNZEL'S HAIRand many other "magic" moments. Request our Showplot™ for a complete listing. We offer the ORIGINAL MILKY WHITE, the cow, which is a smaller than life "suitcase style" or the COSTUME MILKY WHITE as seen in the 2002 Broadway revival. An abridged version of this show for the younger performer is available.

Design Elements

set needs to represent the 3 dwellings of Cinderells, the baker, Jack and his mom, and the all-important woods

Plot Synopsis

The Woods are a place where characters from several fairy tales meet and interact a cautionary tale of trust, love, and greed. Everything is fine in Act One as Cinderella’s stepsisters get ready for The Ball, Jack takes his cow to market, Rapunzel lets down her hair for the Prince, Red Riding Hood heads for Granny’s house, and the Baker and his Wife set their sights on having a child. The Witch appears and works her magic to reach her own goals. The story becomes very dark in Act Two and not all ends happily ever after. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty only appear in the curtain calls!