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Camelot Costume Rentals

A musical spectacle set in King Arthur's Court Camelot - a long time ago
Frederick Loewe, music
T. H. White's "The Once And Future King"

Tracy Notes About This Show

We do offer some MEDIEVAL BROADSWORDS, but they are just for show, and not intended for any level of stage combat. See our reference about weapons on the Resources page.

Plot Synopsis

A nervous King Arthur tries to cajole Merlyn, his teacher, to tell him about Guenevere the future Queen. Merlyn knows the future, as he lives from the future into the present. He grows younger instead of aging. Upon her arrival Guenevere dodges the awaiting crowds and hides as she sings The Simple Joys of Maidenhood. Arthur and Guenevere accidentally meet in the forest and are delighted to find they are charmed with each other. The wonderfully placid Camelot, where royal decree sets the tone, becomes the set for a story of love and chivalry. (Tams-Witmark)